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During the VR Field Trip the speaker will explore the island of Kauai and NTBG’s three gardens on the garden isle. Within those gardens a deeper dive will be taken to look at the ecological significance of biodiversity and the importance of native plants, impact of introduced plants, and potential harmful effects of invasive species.

Life on a Colonial Estate

Experience colonial life for European settlers, the native Lenape, and enslaved Africans at the estate of William Penn.

Buffalo Soldiers involvement in Reconstruction and Westward Expansion

Learn about the first Black professional soldiers from varied backgrounds, including former slaves and Civil War veterans, to form a peace-time army and aid westward expansion.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

PCV will host an interactive, virtual tour of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park that focuses on the humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons. As PCV facilitators introduce the park, we will learn about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, connect with the lost culture and community of Nakajima, and reflect on the meaning of peace in our own lives.

The Modern Civil Rights Movement

Join Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth in the midst of a struggle for human and civil rights that will draw world attention and force the United States to finally deal with issues such as Jim Crow Laws, judicial inequities, oppressive economic practices, and social and cultural mores that treated 40% of its citizens as less than second class citizens in a nation that prided itself as providing “... liberty and justice for all.”

Non-Violence and Reconciliation

16th Street Baptist Church will share an interactive, virtual program about the past, present and future of African American life in the City of Birmingham, Alabama from 1873 to the present day.

Pearl Harbor & the Start of WWII

Explore the USS Arizona as it was on the morning of December 7, 1941 and as it appears today while learning the sequence of events around the attack on Pearl Harbor. Gain a deeper understanding of the Battle, reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace.

Mining Era Breckenridge

What drove people west to frontier mining towns? What was the daily life of a miner? What kind of people did it take to build a community in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains? Join an interactive education program about westward expansion and the development of frontier mining towns, with 1888 Breckenridge, Co. as the focal point.