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Mining Era Breckenridge

Host institution :
Breckenridge Heritage Alliance
Expert Speaker(s) :
Larissa O'Neil, Executive Director
learning Objectives :

BHA will share an interactive, virtual education program about westward expansion and the development of frontier mining towns, with Breckenridge, Colorado in 1888 as the focal point. Speakers will use “Relive Mining Era Breckenridge in 1888”, an AR experience, to explore the following questions/learning objectives:

• Who lived in the area before miners arrived? How did they adapt to the local climate and geology?

• What drove people west to frontier mining towns?

• What was the daily life of a miner?

• What kind of people did it take to build a community in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (in addition to miners)?

• What were the adverse effects from mining?

• How did people live in Breckenridge in the 1880s? How would you describe what life was like? What were their homes like? What did they do for fun? What hardships did they face?

details :

In 1859 the Pike's Peak Gold Rush was on, and discovery of gold in the Breckenridge area brought miners and fortune seekers. Breckenridge soon boasted several stores, hotels, and saloons and became the permanent county seat of Summit County, Colorado. The days of the lone prospector quickly evaporated and Breckenridge went through several mining booms and busts in the following decades. People came and went. Resources, activities and town infrastructure developed to meet demand and available technology in the isolated mining town. In this program, a BHA expert will use the immersive and interactive Xplore AR platform to showcase how the town of Breckenridge came to be (in relationship to national westward expansion and the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush), the various mining techniques used to extract gold and other precious minerals, what daily life was like for a miner in 1888, population growth and decline (and why), the adverse environmental effects from mining, hardships faced, notable people who lived in Breckenridge and how the broader community supported the mining town. Unlike PowerPoint and other virtual programs, the Xplore platform places a user in the center of Breckenridge while the presenter physically moves through the town/points of interest in 1888.

grade level:
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Subjects :
Social Studies, US History, Colorado History, Geography, Westward Expansion, Manifest Destiny, Gold Rush


Experience historic mining era Breckenridge, Colorado, including its vast mines and a 360 re-creation of Main Street.


• Historical overview

• Timeline of events that shaped Breckenridge

• Primary and secondary sources

• Teaching strategies

• Student activities



Duration :

30 Minutes

Platform :

Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype

Class size :

Up to 30 Students

Price :