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What is a virtual field trip?

A virtual field trip is a collection of digital experiences that in aggregate provide teachers and students with an experiential and educational journey similar to what they could achieve as if they visited the site in person. 

What types of digital experiences are made available?

Each field trip offers an immersive AR / VR application and resource guide for download and the option to schedule a video chat session between your students and one of the host site’s educators. Beyond that, the additional digital resources offered by any given site will be unique to that site. Institutions may offer a collection of video clips, primary source documents, secondary literature, worksheets, etc… Each field trip page resources section will highlight those resources that are available. 

How much does a virtual field trip cost? 

Every institution makes the AR / VR app and resources package free to all students and educators. 

The price for the video chat will vary site by site--some offer the program for free, others will charge a fee to defray the facilitation costs. Visit your desired field trip page to learn more about program-specific costs.

How long is the program?

The program is actually comprised of three distinct pieces that can be deployed at various times, depending upon the teacher’s preference:

For the facilitated video chat, length varies by program and is specified on each field trip page but the average run time is 30-40 minutes. 

For the AR / VR portion, We recommend leaving your students 10-15 minutes to explore the AR / VR environment but that duration will also depend upon the amount of content inside of the Xplore app.  

The duration of time to deploy the resource package depends on how you will utilize it within your lesson plan.

Who develops the field trip content?

All of the content is developed and fact-checked by the host institution.


Do all of my students need to be in the same place?

No! Virtual Field Trips are designed to meet your evolving operational realities. Your students can participate in a video chat with the site expert from home or collectively via projector from the classroom--or a hybrid for those of you operating hybrid environments. 

How do I access a video chat session?

For the video chat, nothing beyond a classroom project (for in-school use) or a laptop or Chromebook (whichever your students already use for home-based instruction). 

For students to be able to utilize the AR / VR experience they would need access to an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. If your school does not make devices available to students, the teacher can download the app onto their device and screen share their device onto the classroom screen or their laptop (for distance-based teaching).

What platforms are used for thee video chat?

The main platforms are Zoom, Skype, Google Meeting / Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams.

For the video chat, some museum institutions are limited by the type of platform their educators can participate on. See specific field trip pages for more information on available platforms. As an educator, your platform choices are likely to be more restrictive than that of the site. If you cannot join a video chat on a site’s preferred chat platform, please reach out and we will try to develop a work-around.

How do I access the AR / VR app?

There are two ways of using the Xplore app dependending on available resources:

  1. The students can access the app from the Apple or Google app store on their own devices at home or you can make devices available to them from inside of the classroom.
  2. If your school does not make devices available to students or the students don’t have access to compatible smartphones, the teacher can download the app onto their device and screen share their device onto the classroom screen or their laptop (for distance-based teaching).

What are the compatible devices for the Xplore AR / VR app?

Can my students participate from a Chromebook?

Your students can join a video chat by Chromebook but at this time the AR / VR apps are not compatible as Chromebooks do not have the requisite internal hardware.