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Take your students on field trips of world-class natural and historic sites led by leading experts

walk the site with ar/vr
Where or when would you like to take your students?
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Walk the site through
immersive AR / VR Technology

Utilizing Xplore-powered AR and VR, your students can walk through your virtual field trip location. You can make the site as small as a classroom desk or as large as the playground.

Bring critical concepts to life as your students examine the environment and topography and generate an
understanding of critical concepts as if they were there.
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Utilize comprehensive resource package before, during, or after the field trip

Structure the field trip as if you were actually visiting and deploy the custom-designed resource package to prepare for, deploy in, or reinforce after the trip. The institution will provide you with primary and secondary sources in the form of documents, video, 360-degree video, and interactive AR objects.

In many cases the site will also provide you with worksheets and graphic organizers.

Engage in real-time video chat discussions from the classroom or home with leading historians, scientists or participants to history.

Not only will your students be able to Xplore the site, but they will also learn from a leading expert, such as the site’s historian or naturalist, or even a participant in the historic event, enabling a real-time discussion on the most important concepts.

Meet with a foot soldier from the Selma to Montgomery marches, the leading naturalist from the Grand Canyon, or the head archaeologist from Petra, a world-famous UNESCO heritage site, just to name a few.
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Virtual Field Trip is built on the premise that students imaginations
should not be confined by their physical environments. They should be able to Xplore every inch of the planet, inquire,
engage, and ultimately, to learn not only about others but from others.

Through deepened engagement we hope to unlock understanding and a brighter future for every child.